Site Updates

There have been a lot of changes to our business since September 2015 and now we’re back after the holidays it’s time to do some spring cleaning:

  • It’s time to update our portfolio, Noi has been phasing out some of his oldest Star Wars designs and replacing them with more modern and complex designs.  Some other old models will be phased out too.
  • We’ll be adding more statues to our portfolio too, especially our “Scrap Metal Statues” brand.  Art From Steel have made a lot of new designs in the last 6 months but it may take some time to catalog and present their latest works.  As always, if there’s something you’re interested in that you don’t see on our site just ask and we’ll explore having it custom-built for you.
  • Updates to our info pages.  A few pages are either a little dated or require technical maintenance so we’re looking at removing unnecessary extra from the site and sticking to keeping things simple and easy to use.
  • We’ll be making more use of our newsletters during 2016.
  • A headache we’ve found constantly with our site is that automatic updates can cause problems we don’t notice.  We’re moving to simplify the site to reduce the chances of these issues happening again.
  • If there’s any way of making our invoicing more standardised and simpler we’ll explore that.
  • We’re considering representing a lot more independent artists from around the world.  Nothing’s confirmed yet but it’s something we’ll be exploring throughout January and February.